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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Reception Counter for your Office

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Reception Counter for your Office

The reception counter is the first thing your client or visitor will see when walking into the office. Therefore, it is essential to give it some serious thought. Is your business a financial firm, a medical service centre or some quirky marketing agency? Every industry has its own quintessential look and feel and this should be manifested in the reception area of your office. Here, we have listed the three most crucial elements to consider when selecting a reception counter for your business.

  • The ‘wow’ Factor
    When you are in the business of impressing clients, your reception area or waiting room needs to have an impact. Create a striking experience for your clients or associates by thinking about the aesthetics of your space – what message do you want to send out to your visitors? Consider your brand or business – a firm that has been around for decades will want a classier feel as compared to a tech start-up. First impressions are everything and you will want to make your visitors relax and be at ease, so, make sure that you create a space that feels both well-designed and welcoming.
  • Usefulness and Convenience
    A reception counter isn’t just about looks; it serves a significant purpose to your employees and visitors. Make sure that there is clear signage and enough seating available so that your visitors are comfortable. If you own a large firm, ensure that your reception counter is large, so there is enough space for multiple visitors to sit and do their paperwork, if necessary. At Adept Office, we provide a huge range of bespoke, custom-built reception counters to make your reception area inviting, comfortable and sustainable, as per your requirements.
  • Engagement
    While you want your lobby space to steal the attention, it is vital that your furniture and space encourage engagement and collaboration too. Is it possible to enhance your reception counter with digital signage? Can you provide a screen for display of key content to your visitors or clients or display useful information? While choosing a reception counter, think about all the types of visitors you expect and choose a counter that not only looks stylish but invites engagement between your visitors and employees too.

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