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4 Office Design Ideas For Small Office Spaces

4 Office Design Ideas For Small Office Spaces

Being a business that has limited office space doesn’t mean you have to be limited to creativity. Even the smallest offices can be designed to support creativity, collaboration and innovation within your workplace. A well-designed office brings so much more than being able to squeeze in more office furniture and people into a small space.

Limited space, doesn’t mean you can’t design your ideal office- you can, but there are some elements to keep in mind. Here are our top designing tips for small office spaces:

  • Maximize lighting
    Natural light will increase the overall mood of your employees and also make the room feel bigger and brighter, assisting with space management. Therefore, if you currently have anything that blocks sunlight from entering, then try to rearrange the layout to let the light flow into your space. If your office has windows, then align your desks near them. It will maximise the time spent in natural sunlight and elevate the whole mood of your office.
  • Get Smart with Your Desk Arrangement
    These days, there’s more to a desk than meets the eye. Instead of opting for very traditional layouts when arranging your desks, opt instead for smarter desk layouts that can include modular desk units. Modular desks are a great way to build cohesion among your different work clusters, if you are intending to create an office layout that sees work teams seated according to their various departments. With the use of modular desk options, you’ll find a smarter way to save space, encourage collaboration, and maximise the use of available space on any office floor.
  • Create Flexible Spaces
    When space is tight, every area in your office must be inviting and flexible, to ensure employees work in complete harmony. Therefore when you’re positioning your office furniture, consider the amount of traffic you have daily and your employees. You want to make sure you give your employees enough space to work freely and space for them and customers to move around. Adding office furniture such as, small meeting room tables and beam seating will make for a more inviting space for visitors that come in.
  • Be Smart With Storage:
    Adequate storage is essential in every office, especially when space is tight. If your office is small, then you will already know that finding somewhere to store everyone’s files can prove to be a nightmare. Introduce a variety of storage furniture, such as multi-purpose cupboards, filing cabinets and wall-mounted furniture. These will save space, as well as offer your employees a place to store away their important documents.

Just because you have a small office doesn’t mean you can’t make it comfortable and productive for your employees. With help from our office furniture experts at Adept office, you can easily find furniture that will complement the space you have. At Adept office furniture, we offer an extensive range of bespoke office desks, chairs, meeting room tables and more. We are the expert team that can assist you in selecting the right office furniture that will enhance your small space and motivate your employees.

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