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5 Inspiring Design Tips For Your Home Office

5 Inspiring Design Tips For Your Home Office

If you’re sick of blindly going from store to store for ideal home office furniture in Melbourne, here are 5 tips and tricks to help you create the ultimate work space at home:

1. Utilise your corners

Traditionally filling up your study with furniture against the wall can definitely suit a lot of spaces. However, if your room has a different design or layout, consider decorating the corners instead. There are plenty of options available from corner shelving to a corner office desk, decorating according to your room rather than conventional ways can help you make the most of your unique space.

2. Have efficient storage space

Whether you’ve established a small business in consumer goods or personal services, paperwork is inevitable. That’s why having proper storage space is crucial. Instead of installing standard built-in bookcases, make sure you’re including storage space that actually suits your line of work. If you have plenty of files, have specific filing cabinets. Or if your paperwork is completed in books, shelving may work better for you.

3. Enhance the space with indoor plants

Urban interior design features a lot of indoor plants. While they are a common trend in Melbourne interiors for living rooms and bedrooms, you should also consider having a variety of indoor plants for your private office space. Indoor plants are calming, increase productivity and airflow so you stay relaxed as you work from home.

4. Include inspiring decor

Keeping your creative or productive juices flowing requires external inspiration. Include captivating decor items in your space to help motivate you through any ruts during the day. From paintings, wall art to different accessories and figures, there are plenty of decorative pieces you can include in your home office.

5. Purchase quality furniture

It’s easy to think you’ll blow your budget when fitting out an entire home office. Having to buy a desk, chair and storage units can add up quickly. However, you shouldn’t skimp out of quality items. Especially for heavy use furniture pieces such as your desk and chair. Investing in durable and long lasting furniture can save you time and money from constantly replacing cheap and poor quality items.

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