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5 Reasons How Standing Desks Can Boost Your Work Performance

5 Reasons How Standing Desks Can Boost Your Work Performance

Are you tired of the sedentary lifestyle and spending all your work hours sitting at your desk all day long? If yes, a sit-stand desk might be just the right thing for you! Standing desks not only compensate for the negative effects of sitting all day, but also contribute to an increase in work productivity. Including better health, better energy and better collaboration, there are many other benefits of using a standing desk. Read on to find out.

  • Enhances Energy & Efficiency – Sitting for longer hours produces a feeling of lethargy and drowsiness, while standing and moving can escalate energy levels. You move, shift your postures and play around while standing, which is an effective method to revitalise your bodies and knock out the afternoon boredom. Additionally, it also keeps your minds more alert and engaged, thus enhancing work productivity.
  • Boosts Your Creativity and Mood – Standing transports more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, which enhances the blood circulation and respiration process. It also boosts the creation of new cells connected with critical thinking and releases mood-enhancing neurotransmitters. This improves employee productivity and enhances creativity.
  • Better Teamwork –  When you are standing, you are more open and likely to engage with others better, rather than when you are sitting. A study shows that when people are standing while working in a group, it inspires them to work collectively and creatively. It makes it easier to share ideas with your colleagues, suggest out loud and eliminate the unnecessary need to email to and fro.
  • Improved Health – There is no way you can achieve better health in an instant. The solution is to find a perfect equilibrium between sitting, standing and moving at regular intervals. The preliminary step is to invest in a standing desk from Adept Office Furniture. The addition of small standing and moving intervals and regular exercise can really make a difference to your health.
  • Better Posture – Do you find yourself hunching and sagging in your office chair? If you constantly suffer from back and neck pain, you should consider reliving those muscles and aligning your body by standing at regular intervals. Having said that, you should also be careful about not leaning too much while standing and working. Have a straight back and your knees slightly bent. Also, mix sitting, standing and make regular movements during the day.

There are numerous benefits of incorporating sit-stand desks at your office. Whether you want to buy them for physical or mental benefits, standing desks have all the advantages. Adept Office’s sit-stand desks, height adjusting desks allow you to easily adjust and switch positions throughout the day. Start taking a stand at work. Increase productivity and creativity with our office furniture in Melbourne. To shop our collection, get in touch with our team today at (03) 9484 0766.