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5 Useful Ideas to Create a Productive Home Office

5 Useful Ideas to Create a Productive Home Office

Because of the flexibility it offers, many professionals in Melbourne and the rest of Australia are now choosing the more liberal path of working from their homes. In fact, this trend is increasing so rapidly that there is now a convincing reason to believe that home-based work is the future of labour.

Even if you are working from a place you are most comfortable in, you still need to have a dedicated space for work. If you are a freelancer and are confused about how to go about designing your own space that speaks of creativity and productivity, this blog is just what you need. Take a peek.

  • Be Flexible with the Location – You are likely to spend plenty of hours in your home office, so don’t be rigid on the space, (e.g., squishing a tiny desk into a dark room to preserve a rarely used guest room). Make sure you consider traffic flow and see if you can withstand distractions. Do you want to work in a quiet space or do you like working in the thick of an activity? If you will have clients stopping by, create a space with ample seating.
  • Invest in a Comfortable Chair – Along with the constant strain on the eyes, back issues are another risk that comes with working from home, especially if you work on a computer all day sitting on an uncomfortable chair. There are home office items you can skimp on but a chair isn’t one of them. So, make sure that you invest in a good ergonomic chair for your home office.
  • Control the Clutter – Research suggests that a messy desk can increase stress and lower productivity. It isn’t necessary to organise your desks to make them look Pinterest-worthy, but it should have some sort of organisation so that you can find what you need, quickly. Develop a filing system to manage paper, corral your pens, paperclips and office tools in a desk organisation tool and consider switching to digital tools to decrease the use of paper.
  • Embrace the Natural Light – An average Australian spends seven hours a day in front of a computer screen. We may assume that brighter is better when it comes to productive workspaces, but the constant glare on monitors causes us to squint and strain our eyes more. So, we recommend that you include natural light from the side windows and supplement light from an adjustable desk lamp for stress-free work experience.
  • Add Inspiration – Working at home and be inspired every day can be difficult. So, you can add items like artwork or some décor on the walls that can calm and soothe. You can also get indoor plants that will help keep the air fresh and improve productivity and boost your mood. You can also hang posters with inspirational quotes to make you feel good and inspired.

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