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5 Ways to Improve Productivity by Investing in the Right Office Furniture

5 Ways to Improve Productivity by Investing in the Right Office Furniture

According to a recent study by the University of Warwick, UK, employees are likely to be 20% more productive at work when they actually have fun during the work. Being an employer, you might not have control over a lot of factors that influence your employee’s peace of mind, but one aspect that is totally under your control is the workspace.

Creating an atmosphere that is favourable to your employee’s happiness is one of the best ways to increase their productivity. The right office furniture from Adept Office Furniture in Melbourne can be the root of creating a good office environment. We will now think through 5 interesting ways to change your office furniture, and eventually, make your employees’ productivity level rise to a new level.

Perfect Posture is the Key Element – Your business runs through your employees. Therefore, an employee’s comfort and health should always be kept as a priority. At Adept Office Furniture, our ergonomic chair has adjustable back support that can reduce major back stress and back pain problems, and can help your staff work better.

Flexible Workstations – Over the past few years, there have been a lot of studies emphasising on the countless cons of a desk-bound and an inactive lifestyle. Sitting might be the best position to work, however, it is not recommended in the long run. Migrating from one position to another and switching from standing to sitting will kindle more energy and help your health in the long run.

Leisure Areas – You can add some fun furniture and spaces to transform the stressful, tedious work environment into a lively and fun recreational area. Your employees can play indoor games and can have a debate and problem-solving sessions at this place, where creativity is at its peak. This small but creative change will instil them with energy and create a healthier workstation environment for your employees.

Light it Up – If your office is something like an underground den, it’s hardly motivating enough for your employees. Make sure that you let natural light fill your office space to enhance positivity and activeness. Open areas with good light can ease up the employee’s stress and give your office a refreshing appearance.

Using Greenery – Adding plants can eliminate negativity from the surroundings and can boost up your health. Some plants like jasmine and holy basil help with purifying the air and making the environment a more productive place. Many studies have concluded that indoor plants can minimise the stress levels in employees and level up their productivity.

As an office furniture expert, Adept Office Furniture will recommend the best possible furniture solutions for your business. It can be refurbishing the entire office, or a small meeting room, our team will literally be on their toes to provide you with perfect office furniture in Melbourne. Get the peace of mind you deserve by giving our team a call now at (03) 9484 0766.