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4 Considerations Before Buying Office Furniture – A Manager’s Guide

Planning Desk Furniture in Melbourne

Feb 9
Aspects of your office that should not be spared should be the thoughts towards the actual design and quality furniture and fittings. If you consider that if you don’t take adequate planning and consideration towards your office design you could find yourself growing out of the space sooner than you think, and if you

Trust the Word of Our Clientele

Nov 6
You might ask who our clientele are and who we have served in our extensive time in business. We ask that you trust the word of our clientele as well as our word that we deliver exceptional service to each and every client regardless of the size of the order. We are renowned for quality service and outstanding products

Home Office Ideas for Productivity

Oct 1
With the majority of jobs having to change the way they operate, the emphasis on working from home has never been stronger. While the idea of rolling up to work in your pyjamas is enticing and companies will ensure that their employees are equipped with the right technology to be able to stay on top of their work, the

Workstation and Computer Desk Furniture

Sep 11
One thing that should not be overlooked when planning an office is the quality and style of workstation and computer desk furniture used. Staff generally spend a great deal of time at their workstations and/or desks therefore if the desk furniture is not well made it can cause major issues. This is something that many

Claimable Work From Home Allowances

Jul 17

Claimable Work From Home Allowances: Time for a Furniture Upgrade!

It's been close to a full half-year that most office workers have practised working from home. Unsurprisingly, the global pandemic has seen its effects produced locally in Melbourne, through decreased commuting to and from work. While more wor

How To Create The Perfect Meeting Room

Jun 22
For many office workers, they spend a lot of their workday in a meeting. This is especially true for managers and executives that can spend as much as half their day in meetings. With this knowledge in mind, it’s important to have an efficiently designed meeting room. Not only for your employees but for any visitors

5 Essential Furniture Items For Your Home Office

May 28
COVID-19 has officially swept the nation, and now home offices are becoming the new normal. Many people have adapted to changes, but some are still finding it difficult to create an efficient working space at their homes. And without the right furniture or space, working from home can seem like a chore rather than a re

How To Design An Efficient Home Office

Apr 14
As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates across Australia, many professionals are now, of course, working from home. For some, working from home can be difficult and unfamiliar. You will need to make some lifestyle adjustments and develop some work-from-home habits that will keep you on track. From chairs to computers and de

What To Consider When Buying Office Furniture

Mar 20
For those that work a desk job, they know all too well how much time they spend in the office. It’s an average of 7 hours a day, which is why choosing the right office furniture is an important decision. There are several factors to consider, including your office space, design and ensuring comfort for employees and

4 Office Design Ideas For Small Office Spaces

Feb 25
Being a business that has limited office space doesn’t mean you have to be limited to creativity. Even the smallest offices can be designed to support creativity, collaboration and innovation within your workplace. A well-designed office brings so much more than being able to squeeze in more office furniture and peop