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How to Choose the Perfect Office Chair – 5 Tips to Follow!

How to Choose the Perfect Office Chair – 5 Tips to Follow!

When you start thinking about getting the best ergonomic office chair for your staff, getting one that fits your unique needs should be your foremost priority. Because not every chair categorised as an “ergonomic” chair brings out all the necessary features truly required to be ergonomic. Providing your employees with good-quality office chairs will back their posture and contribute to increased concentration.

But how do you know which chair is the best? Here are 5 tips that will help you pick the right office chair for your staff.

Check for Seat Pan Comfort and Shape – When you sit on a chair, make sure that the seat pan is at least one inch wider than your thighs and hips on either side. However, if it’s too long, it will either catch you behind the knees or protect you from completely leaning back against the lumbar support.
At Adept Office Furniture, our ergonomic chairs have contoured seat pans to allow balanced weight distribution and complete comfort.

Lumbar Support is the Key – These days, many employees complain about back pain at work. To solve this, chairs should have cushioned lumbar support that can be fixed and moved forward and backwards, or up and down to best fit your shape. If the same chair is to be used by different users, this level of adjustment is required. Although, if you are the primary user, a fixed lumbar support can work if you are comfortable with it.

Think Adjustable – Along with having adjustable lumbar support, the seating arrangement you choose for your office should have a variety of elements that you can alter in accordance to your body shape. Each body is uniquely shaped; therefore, a standard arm length or chair height might be helpful to one person but not another.
From inclined arm positioning to adjustable seat height, at Adept Office Furniture, we have the best office chairs with flexible features to completely meet your physical requirements.

Have an Employees’ Feedback – Give your employees with a list of chairs you are considering to buy. Ask them which chair they would choose and why? Your staff will be using these chairs everyday, thus, it is important for you to buy something that suits their needs.

Employee feedback doesn’t have to govern your choice, but getting a small insight on what each individual requires will help you make a much-informed decision.


Finding the perfect office chair for your business might seem to be a decision harder than you would have thought. Follow these tips that will help you narrow down your search and choose office furniture that will benefit the health of your employees. At Adept Office Furniture, our team is ready to assist you throughout the process of selection and installation of quality office furniture in Melbourne. Let us help you make it easier for you! Get in touch with our team at (03) 9484 0766.