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How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Office Furniture

How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Office Furniture

As a business owner, you may not realise it at first but, the colour of your chairs, desks and overall surroundings can influence the mood and behaviour of your employees and clients. Colours used in the workplace can have a profound effect on productivity and collaboration, so when choosing colours for your office furniture it is vital to keep this in mind.

You can make good use of colour in the office workspace and select something that reflects your brand and creates a positive, reassuring ambience that will ensure all interactions get off on the right foot. Injecting some colour through the use of furniture and artwork could be all that is needed to boost morale in the workplace, and using various colour schemes for different office areas can benefit your business greatly, so let’s take a closer look at that.

Reception/ waiting areas

First impressions are critical, especially in business, that’s why it’s important to use colours that tie in with your company branding and logo for your front desk. If your brand colours are bold you can soften them to create a more welcoming impression, by choosing reception desks and furniture that have a less vibrant colour but still show off your brand’s seriousness and sophistication. Shades of navy, forest green and charcoal are excellent choices for reception and waiting areas, as they convey business attitude without being too overpowering or bland, allowing your customers to feel at ease when they enter.

Throughout the office

Cool colours like blues, greens and greys are popular picks for the office as they have the ability to sooth, boost concentration and minimise anxiety. It is also a good idea to add warm elements to up the energy levels and drive productivity, this includes colours such as red, orange, pink and yellow.

An easy way to achieve the ultimate colour scheme throughout your office is to paint the walls blue or green and then add bright ergonomic office chairs, cabinets, computer desks and paintings to attract the eye. Balance is key though, as too much of any colour can tip the mood from relaxing to melancholy.

Training and meeting rooms

For training and meeting rooms, turquoise is a popular colour, as it has been shown to inspire creativity and communication. Along with that, adding a touch of white yellow will help employees absorb and retain information, letting new skills sink in easily. To achieve a balance of both, choose to have your walls a yellow-white and then add the blue colours to your office furniture such as whiteboards, screen system, boardroom table and conference room chairs. Adding the vibrant colours to your furniture instead of your walls will ensure the colour scheme is balanced and not overloaded.

Relaxation spaces

Intimate spaces such as staff lounges, kitchens and canteens are ideal for experimenting with colour and allowing in the more vibrant shades, without impacting day-to-day productivity. You can bring a refreshing change of mood by choosing to have bright colours on the walls and less vibrant furniture, which will create the ultimate balance and stimulate energy and optimism.

Analyse the colour of your relaxation spaces and get a sense of what they are missing, once you determine which colours will complement your break out rooms, you can choose your office furniture accordingly.

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