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How To Design An Efficient Home Office

How To Design An Efficient Home Office

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates across Australia, many professionals are now, of course, working from home. For some, working from home can be difficult and unfamiliar. You will need to make some lifestyle adjustments and develop some work-from-home habits that will keep you on track. From chairs to computers and designation working areas, every small detail counts in your home office environment. And our office furniture experts at Adept Office Furniture are here to help!

Whether you’ll be working from home for a short or long time, we have all the tools you need to create a highly productive workplace. Take a look below on how to design an efficient at-home office during these tough times:

  • Separate Professional From Personal:When you’re working from home, it’s important to keep your personal life away from your business life. Therefore, it’s important not to work on your bed or sofa. Instead, choose a designated area where you can set up your computer and complete your work. Choose an area that is quiet and private, so you can efficiently work throughout the day. You can choose to use the spare room of your house, your outside area or even your bedroom if you’re tight on space. In each of these spaces, you can set up everything you need, and work in privacy without having to cross into your personal life.
  • Get A Comfortable Chair:One of the most important parts of creating an efficient home office is investing in a comfortable chair. You’ll be sitting for a long period, and need to choose something that will benefit you. The best chairs for comfort and health are ergonomic chairs. These chairs can be adjusted to suit your height, and have lumbar support for your back. Comfort counts when it comes to sitting, so consider what the chair offers you and test it out before purchasing.
  • Choose The Right Desk:A desk is another important piece in your home office, but often people have desks that are too small for their work. To avoid this consider your workload and then choose a desk that is large enough to handle it. If you usually have papers, forms or letters on your desk then account for that and ensure there’s enough room for your computer too. Just like your desk at the office, you want it to feel comfortable and spacious enough for you to work.
  • Have Adequate Devices:One of the most important pieces for a work-from-home employee is efficient working tech devices. Whether that’s your PC or a company based computer, it’s a must-have. Along with that, you need to ensure you have the right software, internet speed and accessories that will support your workload. Run a test on your computer, using the software required for your work-this will determine if your internet speed can support the work. Your keyboard and mouse matter too, so make sure you have the right accessories that make working on your PC or laptop comfortable.
  • Think About Storage:Having a clean and organised desk is important for productivity in your home office. At your office you wouldn’t have papers, sticky notes or pens laid across, so why would you at home? Eliminate this issue by developing a filing system to manage paper, pens, clips and other office tools. If you work in a job where you keep a lot of hard copy paper, then consider purchasing a filing cabinet to keep them. As for your desk, think about a desk organisation tool that will keep those pens, notes and highlighters in order.

There’s no need to stress if you’ve been sent to work from home during these tough times! Following this checklist above will help you create a streamlined and effective home office. Plus, our team at Adept Office Furniture can help you with all your home office furniture needs. We can help you choose which furniture you need for your home that suits your space and interior. Have a look at our wide range of home office furniture or call our helpful team on (03) 9484 0766 for further information.