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Trapeze Boardroom table

Product Details
Product Code : T-74123
Description :

An award winning innovative table base system with a unique profile, designed for commercial applications and suitable for a variety of configurations including desks, meeting tables and boardroom tables.
TRAPEZE was awarded an Australian International Design Mark in 2008.

Legs and leg support inserts are manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium content and uses minimal components for easy disassembly and recycling.

TRAPEZE accommodates tops of unlimited length providing endless opportunity for a wide variety of configurations and table widths of up to 1600mm.

Legs can be positioned at any point along the beam to accommodate various table overhangs. The legs can be positioned with two foot widths for narrow or wide tables and angled at 0 degrees, 22.5 degrees, and 45 degrees, depending on the aesthetic and functional requirement.

Finishes Black Label:
Trapeze Black Label is a new finish available. Black Label provide a lustrous finish that suits high end executive settings and makes a boardroom setting extremely special.

Approximate size to seats
1800 x 900 = 4 - 6 people
2100 x 1200 = 6-8 people
2400 x 1200 = 8-10 people
3000 x 1200 = 10-12 people
3600 x 1350 = 12-14 people
4200 x 1350 = 14+ people
4800 x 1500 = 16+ people

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