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Standing Desks – 3 Reasons Why your Office Needs Them

Standing Desks – 3 Reasons Why your Office Needs Them

Have you ever questioned why so many people working at an office put on significant weight after a few years? You can blame it on the sedentary lifestyle. Studies have revealed that Australian employees spend a minimum of 6 hours daily on an average, stationary in their seats.

Since they are occupied with their tasks, these office job champions don’t really realise the hours heaping up and along with this, the pounds/ kilos that they put on. It may appear controllable at first, but being deskbound for a long time does not only lead to unnecessary weight and back pain issues, but it can also shorten your life.

Therefore, it comes as no shock why the drive “sitting is the new smoking” has gained attention. A research by Better Health Australia has revealed that almost 70% of Australian adults can be classified as either sedentary or having low levels of physical activity. Thus, it just makes sense if employers boost their employees to incorporate a mixture of standing and sitting during office hours. And, the best place to start this is by replacing outdated desks with standing office desks.

What is a Standing Office Desk?

A standing desk a.k.a a stand-up desk is an ergonomically designed table that lets the user write, read or perform activities on his laptop/ computer while standing or sitting on particularly made stools. These desks come in a variety of styles, each designed for a particular task. However, there is considerably more to standing desks than just being trendy office furniture. So, to familiarise how your employees can take advantage of them while boosting your business process, read on.

  • A Healthy and a more Productive Workforce – Studies have shown that standing desks enhance employee’s productivity. In comparison to the employees that were seated all through their shift, workers who were standing while completing their tasks became gradually more productive with time – raising work productivity by 10%. It also minimises heart attack risks, back pain, obesity and diabetes problems. It not only boosts productivity but also helps in keeping your employees more focussed and alert, while enhancing their creativity.
  • Minimise your Health Issues – Did you know that 32% of all work-related injuries are due to deskbound jobs? These include sprains and strains, muscle disorders and other common injuries. But, with the help of standing office desks, employees are less expected to complain of health issues. Having said that standing also enhances longevity and reduces illness risks. While it adds to your life expectancy, it also betters your posture and decreases eye strain.
  • It Offers a Choice to your Employees – Contrasting to the old, immovable desks, standing office desks allow employees to sit and stand – as per their situation and convenience. It burns 50 times more calories than that of seating. Therefore, it is advised that employees should take regular breaks from their monotonous routine, every now and then – even small strolls to cafeteria or toilet breaks to not add on the unwanted weight.

Now It’s Time to Take a Stand!

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