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5 Tips for Designing the Most Effective and Creative Meeting Space

5 Tips for Designing the Most Effective and Creative Meeting Space

There is nothing more thrilling than walking into an empty office that you are about to buy/rent and imagining what it would look like with all interior furniture and designs. You take the utmost care in designing the office layout to encourage the highest levels of productivity and well-being of your employees, but one thing that you might miss out on is the conference room.
Conference rooms are a no man’s area; they are a shared place used for everyone’s purposes. It is a place where ideas and opinions flow and meetings are organised. But, why are almost all the conference rooms so common and banal? A long table, oversized chairs and an A/V equipment – is that really it?

Why is a Well-Designed Conference Room an Opportunity to Wow Clients?

Companies or firms that put little or no effort towards designing their conference rooms are missing out on a great opportunity to impress visitors, and pitch in for more productive and creative meetings. You don’t just organise your Christmas parties in your conference rooms, you could be making huge deals with clients. It is probably the only part that an outsider will see and so, it is important for you to put as much effort in it as you put it any other office furniture. Read on to find out tips on how to design the perfect conference room for your office.

1.Conference Table

– The first thing to consider while designing your conference room is to choose a conference table. It will function as the focus of your meeting space, where employees can gather around and have discussions. Conference tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes like:

  1. Rectangular
  2. Square
  3. Circular
  4. Racetrack

Whichever table you choose, pay attention to the material of the table. Be it timeless wood like cherry, mahogany, oak, walnut or maple or a metal table with a glass top, make sure it suits your office interior and enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Conference Table


Ergonomic Office Chairs

2.Ergonomic Office Chairs

–To encourage a productive office environment, invest in premium-quality and comfortable office chairs. Rotating, adjustable chairs with lumbar support from Adept Office Furniture are an excellent choice to protect your employees from MSDs and provide them with a comfortable seating experience.


3.Experiment with Blue

– According to a research by the University of British Columbia, adding a touch of blue colour will enhance creativity and boost imagination in your office space. This doesn’t necessarily mean choosing blue furniture, you can also incorporate blue wall designs, hangings, wall arts and more to encourage innovation and see what works best for your space.

Contemporary Design Chairs


Meeting Room Furniture

4.Keep it Open

– The primary purpose of a meeting room is to let your employees have a convenient environment where they can discuss and share their thoughts. A study by Harvard Business Review found that open office spaces enhance employee collaboration, work satisfaction and allows you to communicate better with your peers. Therefore, try and keep your office space open and avoid partitioning it with walls or cubicles.


5.Light it Up

– Design your conference room with good lighting so that your employees can see well and communicate better. Use LED fixtures that are not just energy efficient but will also enhance the overall appeal of your room. Having said that, try and incorporate natural lighting in your meeting rooms. It boosts productivity and creates an upbeat vibe in the conference room.

Conference Room Furniture


Wrapping Up

Your conference room shouldn’t be your afterthought. Let us, at Adept Office Furniture, help you with creating the perfect meeting room that will be a comfortable space where your employees can brainstorm and collaborate. With our ergonomic chairs and other office furniture in Melbourne, it is difficult to go wrong. Want to revive your office? Call us today at (03) 9484 0766.