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6 Things You Need to Design The Perfect Waiting Room

Jan 28
Your waiting room area is the first and last thing your client or visitor sees in your office, and it has a significant effect on whether or not they return. Therefore, it is crucial to give this area some serious thought. The area should be a reflection of what you and your company


4 Reasons Why You Should Use An Ergonomic Chair

Dec 19
Many of us that work in an office job will typically spend 7 hours or more sitting at our desks, most of which goes uninterrupted and without breaks. And if you spend a lot of time at your desk, you’re probably familiar with the pain and stiffness that comes from sitting for hours


5 Useful Ideas to Create a Productive Home Office

Jul 25
Because of the flexibility it offers, many professionals in Melbourne and the rest of Australia are now choosing the more liberal path of working from their homes. In fact, this trend is increasing so rapidly that there is now a convincing reason to believe that home-based work is th